The excellent manner you can help make the world a better place is by living a life of compassion and offering a assisting hand in the intervening time a need or opportunity offers itself as you move about your each day existence.

Our Core vision hovers around putting smiles on a sad face, giving hope to the hopeless, lending a hand of help to the helpless which means we are a source of joy, light to our generation. This we can not do alone. We need your support. True compassion knows no boundaries and does not wait for a set time but flows naturally and perpetually.

how you can help us

Make a Donation

Donate to an RAINAF Account and change a life today! Details of our Nigeria account on the Contact Page site. Givers never lack


Rainaf is always on the lookout for committed and capable volunteers. Especially Health Worker, Public Health, Staff Nurse, Doctors etc. .


You can decide to setup a fundraising program on our behalf, using your own resources and connection just let us know and we will be there!

Medical Aids

For Pharmaceutical Company and private company who would like to sponsor our next health awareness with Drugs and Medicaments.

For Volunteers

Based on commitment and service delivery we will give our volunteer certificate of participation /recognition in philanthropic work.

How else Can I Help

If you have a web site of your own you can put a banner that will make your visitor find us.



Physically Challenged Pupils

Help us take care

of the physically

Challenged Student

In our Primary School


Diabetes Awareness Outreach

Towards our Next

Diabetes Awareness

Outreach @

Kwara State


Scholarships Program

Give towards

Our Next Program

On Scholarship

of Students


Village Awareness Campaign

Give towards

our next

Village Awareness