Dr. Issa Raheem Adebayo


RN, BSC, MSc, Ph.D, FELLOW Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria, Abuja .

Phone no :+234 803 444 4615

Email : info@rainaf.com



He started schooling at an Islamic School from 1965 -1968 and later completed his primary School at 1973. He concluded his Secondary School at Oro Grammar School, Oro from in 1978.

He worked for a year at the Kwara State Ministry of Finance before enrolling at the School of Nursing Obangede, Kogi State which he concluded in 1984.

He worked at the Basic Health Clinic, lluke, Kogi State, and later moved to General Hospital Oro, as a Nursing Officer between 1986 and 1988. He worked also at Lokoja General Hospital in and later State Specialist Hospital, Sobi Morin where he retired voluntarily as a Senior Nursing Officer.

He established his private clinic named Aishat Memorial Hospital, Ita-Merin, Ilorin on December, 12 1990.

He had a BSc in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Ado-Ekiti. He proceeded for his Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling at Concept University London and Pilgrims University North Carolina United States respectively.

He rounded up as a member of America Counsellor Association. He is also a member of FRSC, Kwara State, National Association of Nigeria Nurse and Midwives, Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria, International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors and he is also the Vice Chairman, of Red Cross Association of Nigeria, Kwara State Chapter.

Dr. Raheem Adebayo Issah, is the founder of Nana Aishat Memorial College of Education, Alagbado Ilorin. He hails from a village called 'Balogun Oja' in Igbaja district of Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State on the 19th February, 1960. His father, a peasant farmer in the village got married to Nana Aishat and they both have four children. Dr.Issah, the third child of the family lost his mother at the tender age of four.

Thereafter, it becomes an onerous task for both the grandmother and the father to take care of the little children left behind by the deceased. The former Nursing Officer initially wanted to be an Islamic Cleric at the beginning only to discover that there was no educationist in his family and more so because as an orphan raised by a guardian and having tasted a lonely life vowed within himself to be a epitome of hope to the hopeless when God gives him the will. Having relocated from the village to llorin and later Lagos also exposed him to the good things and bad side of life hence his decision to be the beam of hope to his world.

He also established Nana Memorial Nursery/Primary School which he had physically challenged department meant for students that has challenge in hearing and has been benefiting from Nana Aishat Foundation

He is a member of America Counseling Association of Nigeria.He is also a member of People-to-People Ambassador. He is also a member of International Diabetes Federation. He is also a member of National Association of Nigeria Nurse and Midwives. He is a Fellow,Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria, and also a member of International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors and he is the Chairman of Nigeria Red Cross Society of Nigeria, Kwara State Chapter.

He has been presented the following awards: NUESA, Unilorin Award of Excellence, Certificate of Honorary Membership by 'MAN O WAR' Nigeria and seal of Excellence Award by the Institute of Corporate Administration for his outstanding prowess on Education Administration.

He runs a local charity organization across Nigeria, Rai Nana Aishat Foundation in Memory of his late Guardian who took care of him when he was an Orphan.

He is happily married with children. His favourable quote is: “Do It Better than Doing It Again”.